Leadership Learning Journey
Long-lasting results through blended and Experiential Learning

Activities that lead you to gain your own experiences are among the most effective learning tools. Riding a bicycle you can only learn by riding one, not through reading or a PowerPoint presentation. The same principle applies to ideal leadership behavior: through active participation in various feedback-supported activities, far better personal results can be achieved than through one-dimensional classroom learning methods.


Proud Member of Corporate Culture Alliance

Business Performance Group: 82 global associated partners in 26 countries worldwide

Our global network of partners consists of 82 associated partners who are active in 26 different countries such as:
Sweden, Finland, The United Kingdom, Hungary, Italy, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Turkey, Dubai, Egypt, India, China, Taiwan, Australia, USA, Brazil.

We support companies in creating their desired corporate culture by guidung you in aligning daily leadership with your company's values.

All of our partners are native speakers or at the very least fluent in the language of the country they are based in. They have joined the same internal education of at least 20 training days, have more than 10 years of leadership and/or sales experience and deliver courses based on the same didactical methodology.

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Hans M. Verheijke

Global Coordination Leader

Alexander Maystrenko

Coordinator Russia and Eastern Europe

William Lee

Coordinator China and Asia Pacific

John Waid

Coordinator USA and Mexico

Odair Hansen Figueira

Coordinator Latin America

Michael Gorges M.A.

Coordinator Middle East

Anand Lobo

Coordinator India

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