Business Performance Group: 82 global associated partners in 26 countries worldwide

Hans M. Verheijke

Global Coordination Leader
based in Germany

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Alexander Maystrenko

Coordinator Russia and Eastern Europe
based in Moscow

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William Lee

Coordinator China and Asia Pacific
based in Hong Kong

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John Waid

Coordinator USA and Mexico
based in the USA

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Odair Hansen Figueira

Coordinator Latin America
based in Brazil

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Michael Gorges M.A.

Coordinator Middle East
based in Germany

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Anand Lobo

Coordinator India
based in India

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Based on the principle "think global - act local" we have delivered leadership courses for 38 different nationalities.


Corporate leadership competencies and values are always the basis for global leadership training courses. Our trainings are, therefore, carried out only by our associated partners who come together as the Business Performance Group.
Our 82 associated partners are living in the hereunder mentioned countries. All partners are native speakers, have joined the same internal education of at least 20 training days, have more than 10 years of leadership and/or sales experience and deliver courses based on the same didactical methodology
Together, we support companies in creating their desired corporate culture by guidung you in aligning daily leadership with your company's values.


Business Performance Group


  • Australia - English


  • Brazil - Portuguese, Spanish and English


  • China - Mandarin, Cantonese and Shanghainese


  • Czech Republic - Czech and English


  • Dubai - Arabic and English


  • Egypt - Arabic and English


  • Finland - Finish and English


  • France - French and English


  • Germany - German, English and French


  • Hungary - Hungarian and English


  • India - Hindu and English


  • Italy - Italian


  • Japan - Japanese


  • Malaysia - Bahasa Malaysia


  • Poland - Polish and English


  • Russia - Russian and English


  • Singapure - English


  • Slovakia - Slovakian and English


  • South Korea - Korean


  • Spain - Spanish, Portuguese and English


  • Sweden - Swedish, English and Norwegian


  • Taiwan - Taiwanese and English


  • The Netherlands - Dutch and English


  • Turkey - Turkish and English


  • United Kingdom - English


  • United States - English and Spanish

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Customer Statements

  • Leadership Training in Muscat, Oman

Larry Volkmann, Sr Sales and Business Development Manager, TUV Rheinland Industrial Solutions (USA)

Rob Nolan, Managing Director, Rettenmaier UK Ltd

  • TUV Rheinland USA Leadership Excellence