Personal Coaching & Mentoring


With our Personal Coaching we support the personal optimization of your competencies

Our personal coaching approach is characterized by the direct incorporation into your daily leadership style. It serves to detect your hidden talents as well as your personal weaknesses.

A personality test can be conducted optionally at the beginning of the coaching.



Our method is based on four pillars:

  1. Create an atmosphere of trust
  2. Ask Socratic questions
  3. Provoke positively
  4. Proceed goal and success oriented
  • The coach respects the coachees's personality and thereby creates an atmosphere of trust.
  • Socratic questions asked by the coach are questions aimed at leading the coachee to personal insights.
  • Positive provocation pushes the coachee to the limits of his comfort zone. It serves to make the coachee reflect on his own behavior.
  • A goal and success oriented mindset is being realized by the coach through defining as well as establishing specific goals as well as formulating milestones and control points.



The Business Performance Academy's coaching philosophy is based on the assumption that the coachee himself has all the necessary resources to successfully realize his development challenges.

This philosophy is implemented by the coach throug his inner attitude in congruency with unconditional positive regard for the coachee. Experiences and insights combined with the coachee's emotions are the key elements for the sustainable development of new and hereafter desired behavior. Open-mindedness, gaol orientation, and the conviction to succeed from the basis of a successful coach-coachee-relationship.