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  • Total Care - Leadership-Kompetenzen und Werte implementieren


Our Portfolio


  • Leading by goals, target and action focus
  • Motivation myth - (how) can we motivate others?
  • Develop coaching-competencies
  • The resolution is a resolution

  • Employee evaluation - less criticizing more correcting
  • Do presentations effectively
  • Negotiate
  • Customer focus

 Total Care for Individually tailored In-house solutions


Through our Total Care approach we implement through training and coaching those leadership competencies and values that are of the utmost importance for each respective business. In this way a pro-active culture can be developed: a learning organization.

Workshop or Training? Or rather a combination of both?

  • After joint discussion and mutual agreement we choose the most fitting proposal for you and your needs
  • Our portfolio's subjects can be combined freely to best suit your wishes and needs
  • Duration of training according to your wishes

our Portfolio


  • Master in Leadership Performance - 4 phases

  • Journey for Healthy Leadership
  • Talent Management for executives

  • The performance evaluation meeting

  • Team development
  • Conflict management for executives

  • Dealing with complex situations

  • Decision making

  • Emotional competence - stress management