To change leadership behavior is easy: You have to apply what you have learned. To change behavior within your organization is only possible if you adjust your own behavior accordingly. Learning is a continuous and recurring process. The time factor is hereby crucial: leadership behavior does not change overnight. Endurance and patience are necessary to change behavior that has development over several years.
The Business Performance Academy has recognized this principle.

For this reason our coaching- and impulse-days are spread out over a period of several months and interspersed by periods of four to six weeks where you put into practice what you have learned.

This training model enables a continuous process of cyclical learning and motivates participants to grow step by step as individuals by furthering their self-development.

Between the individual coaching and impulse-days the participants will solve tasks and complete exercises to put into practice what they have learned.

Additionally, the participants receive special tasks with practical relevance in coordination with their own personal goals as well as those of their company that they have to solve during the practice periods.