Dr. Christiane Chadasch


"Meanings are not determined by situations, but we determine
ourselves by the meanings we give to situations."
Alfred Adler


Dr. phil. Christiane Chadasch is an Expert in Health Management and CEO of Gesundheitsakademie Chadasch. Ms Chadasch has an extensive expertise in healthcare management of more than thirty years which she is contributing to the Business Performance Academy.

Ms Chadasch is specialized in health prevention as basis of entrepreneurial success, personal happiness under great pressure and escapes for exhausted managers. She is a coach, supervisor, speaker and writer. Her target audience is predominently upper management and executive personnel but also students with leadership aspirations as well as employees that aim to better understand their managers. Ms Chadasch's main goal is: preventively healthy leadership!

Competencies as Trainer/Coach

  • Expert in healthcare management
  • Experience in national and internationel surroundings (health and social sector)
  • Health prevention as basis of entrepreneurial success
  • Business management versus Ethics
  • Personal happiness independent of great pressure
  • Escapes for exhausted managers
  • Communication, crisis intervention, change management

Core Competencies

  • Human ethical principles
  • Methodical competence
  • Attentiveness, resilience, salutogenesis
  • Burnout prophylaxis
  • Healthy leadership, healthy enterprise
  • Organizational development and optimization
  • Management consultancy

Relevant Education


Doctor of Philosophy
Doctoral studies at the University of Cologne, Curative Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, sub-subject Remedial Psychology


Degree in Intercultural / International Social Work


Degree in Remedial Development Support and Socio-educational Rehabilitation Management


Diploma in Social Studies & Diploma as Social Worker
Studies of Social Work at Catholic University of Applied Sciences Cologne


Registered children's nurse
Nursing training at Vestische Kinderklinik Datteln (children's hospital)


Office Junior
Commercial training at the municipality of Dorsten

Language skills

German and English


Dr. Chadasch was born in 1971 and is currently living in Hennef with her family. Her hobbies are swimming, hiking, milling, aikido, literature, fine arts, film, music, traveling as well as meetings with friends and family.